I still want to be a model
Posted on: March 7, 2016, by : Edgar Luna

I feel like I am stamping my feet like a little girl, but I would still like to be a model. Before I joined http://cityofeve.com/islington-escorts Islington escorts I did some part time work for a London modeling agency. It was great fun, and was that kind of job I could have stayed doing. The only problem was that the money was poor. At the time I did not want to live at home anymore, so I decided to find another job which paid a bit more. In the end I came across my job for Islington escorts and I have been ding really well.

Quite a few of the gents keep telling me how pretty I am and that I should be a model. Well, I am not going to work for Islington escorts. I just want to stay here until I have got enough money together to do something else. It would be great if my next job could be in modeling. There are quite a few agencies in London which need cataloque models, and I think this is the kind of modeling that I would like to do. Yes, it is glamorous but at the same time it is a steady earner.

I know a couple of girls who used to do glamour modeling before they joined Islington escorts. That is another job within the modeling world which is not very well paid, and I am not sure that is a route that I would like to go down. I know that lots of girls have made a lot of money glamour modeling but they are few and far in between. I would love to try it to see what it is like. However, from what I understand from the girls who have done, it is not exactly the best job in London.

Being pretty is one thing but the top models have unique looks to offer. I am afraid I am not one of those models, and never will I be one of those models. There are certain things that I would not do. For instance, I would not have enhancement surgery to look good. I know a couple of girls who have worked in modeling and had a lot of work done. Now, when you look at them closer, they all look a bit freaky. I am pretty sure that I would not want to go down that route.

I am happy here at Islington escorts for the time being. Actually, this is one of the better escorts services around London. I have thought about joining an elite service but I would have to work in central London. That to me would not be affordable, and I am sure that the girls who work in central London do not really earn that much money when the end of the month comes around. I am happy where I am, and I think that I work with a great bunch of girls. Other agencies can be bitchy, but this one isn’t at all.

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