Op Tips To Make Your Sex Life Go From Snooze To Sizzle
Posted on: May 23, 2015, by : Edgar Luna

Experts in sex always know how to go a step further, either by inventing new movements in the Kama sutra positions or spicing up the classic positions. We would be failing in our task of sexual gurus if we did not share with you the ultimate sexual techniques. The result of our research: innovative and suggestive ways to achieve orgasm through sexual tricks. These techniques can definitely make your relationship give a 180 degree turn. By undertaking them, your sex life can go from snooze to sizzle.

Avoid Listening to Your Mind

During sex, a lot of couples tend to over think everything that they are doing. The only result that can come from this is poor sex, which is not something that you want to occur; therefore, it is important that you just let yourself go with everything that you are feeling. By doing so, you will make your partner feel more free to do the same, as he/she is probably feeling the same way that you are. Letting yourself go can help your break away from the usual sexual routine that you have with your partner.

Kiss with Tongue

Kill your normal sexual routine by asking your partner to kiss you down there just the way he/she does in your mouth and then tell your partner to tickle the area with his/her tongue by moving in small circles up and down. This can be a very fun and memorable experience.

Give it More Than a Good Suck

Men like to get an orgasm when women get on their knees and begin to only suck the head of their membrane at fast pace, while kissing and licking the top from time to time. If it is long enough, don’t forget to squeeze your man’s membrane while you suck the head of it, and stare at his eyes. Contrary to popular belief, men like to have eye contact with the woman who they are receiving oral sex from, as it makes them feel more powerful. Giving him oral sex in this form of way can be even three times better if you opt to perform it in the shower or outside.

Food Is Not Only for the Table

Introduce food to your bed. Turn your body into a delicious buffet. Choose the flavor combinations that you like, such as peanut butter and honey or chocolate syrup and whipped cream and then add a tablespoon of an oil in an area in which you want to be licked (avoid adding it in the genitals).

Following the previously mentioned tips can certainly help boost your sexual life. They definitely can prevent your relationship from turning boring.

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