The marriage that almost cause a divorce to us
Posted on: July 3, 2018, by : Edgar Luna

Marriage is the last step of a relationship when you decide it makes sure it could be the person who will complete your life. I never thought that I could find someone who will go through me in this journey of life. Life throws us challenges, and we need to face it, but it’s better to meet it when you have a partner. When you have someone with you, you are not afraid of every storm that comes in your life. Well, in fact, you have to be keen to keep moving forward. Marriage life is tough, but it becomes a bit of easy when you have one hand to hold. It is more complicated but keeps fighting for your relationship. Marriage is a sacrament, and you have to take care of the relationship that blessed by God.


I met Priscilla at a town in the London Borough of Bexley, called Welling. She is a Welling Escorts from ¬†and caught my attention because of her daring and alluring look. I booked her when I went to Welling to attend a meeting, and she accompanies me. She is not only beautiful, but you will be amazed by her intelligence. She is also kind and generous; I had seen it when we passed by a homeless man. I fell in love with her more when she treats me well. And then, I pursue and express my appreciation to her after months of exchanged messages and hanging outs. Anyway, our love grows and bear a child, so I was so happy to marry her. We chose to live at Welling since it’s beneficial for her. Marriage isn’t always pleasant, it will ever challenge you as a couple. Here are two great problems in the union that almost cause a divorce to us.


  1. Different values and beliefs

I never thought that it would be an issue to us values and beliefs. She believes in superstition and faithful to her God; unlike me, I don’t. It caused arguments to us since we differ in that case, and sometimes we walk away and do our own. I can recall it’s reached one week without talking and ignoring each other.


  1. Jealousy

Since we have different works and schedules, we do not meet at the house and sometimes sleep alone. We fight over time because sometimes I arrived late at work and also her. We doubt every time we are far away and make presumptions. It’s hard not to get jealous when you are not beside each other and think silly things. If you have a jealous wife make sure to assure her every time you went late or what you do. Be open to your social media accounts or cellphones to avoid suspicion.